Camille Legrand

Art Direction and Graphic Design
Paris — London
+44 7551 720925



I am Camille, a London-based Senior Art Director, with experience in Art Direction, Graphic Design.
After my experience within the music industry, through live interactive VJ sets and the Art Direction of an independant record label, I developed my portfolio within the fashion and the beauty industries, in Melbourne, New York, Paris and London.

I joined Aesop as an Art Director in 2017, to conceptualize and develop international campaigns for the retail stores across the world, as well as the global digital channels.

Passionate, dynamic and curious, I always take pride in creative collaborations and learnings in the experiences and projects that I build.

Feel free to get in touch.

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Friends and people I worked with      

Barnabé Fillion
Marsha Meredith
Bart Hess
Romain Laprade
Julien Thomas Hamon
Marvin Leuvrey
Axel Morin
Robin Stein
Charlotte de la Grandiere
Yutaka Yamamoto
Olivier Sévère
Pedro Kok

Gallois Montbrun & Fabiani
Grégoire Alexandre

Grace Hartnett
Sonia Rentsch

Stellar Kinematics

Mattis Dovier
Remembers Productions
Giovanni Garcia-Fenech



Experience in Paris (FR), Melbourne (AU),
New York (US) and London (UK)

PDF portfolio available by email

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Instagram: @camillelgnd 
+44 7551 720925

Links I like      

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