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Senior Art Director / Creative Brand Designer
Paris — London
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06 Aēsop Candles x Mattis Dovier

Worldwide Campaign — Launch of the Aesop Aromatique Candles: Ptolemy, Aganice and Callippus.In October 2020, Aesop launched its first three poured candles, each named for a different ancient astronomer— Aganice, Ptolemy and Callippus. The creation of those Candles began with the notion of ‘Candles as stars’—in its simplest form, comparing the flickering lights of a candle in the dark to the stars in a dark sky.

The concept for this campaign draws on the night sky as a both timeless navigational aid for seafaring journeys, and a source of comfort. The dark and rocky ocean provides a metaphor for the turbulent waters of 2020, while the source of light—be it the stars, a flickering candle, or the beam of a lighthouse—offer guidance and the promise of a safe harbour after the storm. Just as seafarers once looked to the skies to guide them to safety, this constellation of scents helps to navigate life’s waters, delivering those nearby to a place of harmony.

We designed a serie of 20 gifs that would allow for a poetic digital development of the campaign, as well as the creation of a full film. Inspired by old lithography, and taking a modern shape through the pixel art execution, the film takes the viewer through an epic journey, on a boat, navigating the waves with the stars and the tools, towards a brighter future.T
Art Direction, concept, film, gifs
— Retail, PR, Digital:, eDMs, social media

Illustrations and film by Mattis Dovier
Production by Remembers (Ugo Bienvenu & Félix De Givry)
Original Composition by Adrien Pallot
Copy by Jennifer Down

D&AD 2021 —Digital
London, UK — October 2020